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The Advance Death Care Directive

A planning booklet for after-death care, funeral and disposition...

Before we make our final transition from this beautiful earth,
there are many questions to ask and decisions to make:

~ Would you like to be buried, cremated or interred in a crypt?
~ Would you like the casket be open or closed at your funeral service?
~ Would you like a traditional funeral or a family-directed funeral at home?
~ How would you like to be remembered in your eulogy?
~ What about...Autopsy? Burial plot? Minister? Music?

Advance Death Care Directive

“When the time comes to die,
make sure that all
you have to do is die!”
– Jim Elliot

Published by Sacred Crossings, this 24-page document outlines your final wishes concerning the care of your body after death, your funeral arrangements and your request for final disposition.

The Death Care Directive allows you to appoint a family member or close friend to be your death care advocate or agent. He or she will be a person you trust to honor your final wishes and to guide family members and friends through the process of your funeral and final disposition.

This written plan allows you to list all of your personal, legal, financial and medical information. Your completed document outlines your wishes concerning religious or cultural traditions for after-death care; your choice of funeral home or family-directed home funeral services; your funeral/memorial service and your choice for the final disposition of your body.

You may follow our suggestions for reflection to help you write your Life Review which can also serve as an outline for your eulogy.

A page is included that provides the information required for your death certificate, and a witness signature page formally acknowledges your final wishes.

Relieve your loved ones of the responsibility
for making these difficult decisions...
Complete your Death Care Directive today!


$10 each
(plus $3 postage & handling)
Email us for volume discounts for orders of 25 or more.

Sample Pages

We recommended that you create a ‘Death File’ and place it somewhere in your home where your next-of-kin can find it easily should your death occur unexpectedly. The Death File should include:

  • Last Will and Testament
  • Advance Heath Care Directive
  • Financial documents concerning bank accounts, trusts, real estate, life insurance etc.
  • This Advance Death Care Directive


$10 each
(plus $3 postage & handling)
Email us for volume discounts for orders of 25 or more.


"Our family sat down and filled out our Death Care Directives together. The simple format made it easy to talk about the end-of-life issues that most of us had kept putting off dealing with. We got to know each other better in the process and even had some laughs. It feels good to have my wishes clearly in writing, and I'm happy to have that from my other family members as well." ~ Dahra P., Portland


"I am a healthy 43-year-old but I want to take responsibility for my own funeral plans and personal death care wishes, so my family won't have to. The Death Care Directive is the perfect tool for this." ~ Thea P., Los Angeles


"I got a Death Care Directive booklet from Sacred Crossings for my father who is in failing health. After going through it with him, I was so impressed and pleased at how it covered things I never would have thought of, I got one for my step-mother and two more for myself and my husband! Kind of fun to fill out, and it gives us peace of mind to know we have all the information and personal wishes that I or any of my family might need when the time comes. What a gift!" ~ KJ, Portland, Oregon


"This is a great booklet! I didn't want to talk about these things but it was easy to write them down. I feel a sense of peace and relief now I've filled this out." ~ Helga, UK


"We are all just walking each other home." --Ram Dass


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