Digital Advance Death Care Directive

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A planning booklet for after-death care, funeral and disposition...

Published by Sacred Crossings, this 26-page document outlines your final wishes concerning the care of your body after death, your funeral arrangements and your final disposition.

Your completed document will include the information needed for your death certificate; legal, financial and medical information; outline your wishes concerning religious or cultural traditions; your choice of funeral home; your funeral/memorial service and your choice for the final disposition of your body.

You may follow our suggestions for reflection to help you write your Life Review which can also serve as an outline for your eulogy.

A signature page formally acknowledges your final wishes.

3 reviews for Digital Advance Death Care Directive

  1. Paige Spindler-Richardson (verified owner)

    Sacred Crossings’ Advance Death Care Directive opened my eyes to how much there is to consider in planning my after-death arrangements. So often, my family members and friends have been left with the painful experience of having to make assumptions on what their loved-ones desired. To leave those closest to me with such an extensive record of my wishes and personal account of my life story I feel is a gift to them as much as it is to myself. I learned so much about who I am at this age and what is personally meaningful as I went through. Truly a beautiful, enlightening document!

  2. Brad Wallace (verified owner)

    It took a leap to finally make myself take care of this. We all know this needs to be done for ourselves and our family. This document gets you thinking and acting. If you have worried about this process like me, then completing this well-crafted document will really give you a sense of relief.

  3. Blythe Spindler-Richardson

    This is a fabulous idea. I had no idea there were so many decisions to be made. Glad my family won’t have to worry about all this, so easy! Thank you.

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